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Phone Services

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Phone Services

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Calling Services

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Text Messaging

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Welcome to AmeraVoice

Whether your calling needs are personal, business, or any technology for sending and receiving messages, AmeraVoice has stepped up and provided cutting edge technology to meet these needs. We have found the solution to making your calls delightful yet affordable.

You no longer have to imagine, but you can now experience a free pin-less calling account; text messages to anywhere in the world for less. We can help you take your company to wherever your imagination takes you. Even starting a Call-Shop, an Internet Café, or becoming a VoIP service provider, we have solutions to realize your business goals.

As a company with several years of experience in VoIP arena, AmeraVoice has gained the confidence of its customers. Many of whom have applauded the Home Phone Service, since it enables them to use their home phone even if they are not at home - with the ability to tie their cell phones to their house phone account.

So why delay?  Signup today and start saving the AmeraVoice way.