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International Callback is a unique application designed to provide exceptional U.S. international rates to countries outside the United States.

Unlimited access to the service. You do not need an internet connection or a PC. All you need is a regular landline or mobile phone. First, make a call to our access number and then hang up after getting a busy tone.  Within a few seconds our system will call you back.  Answer the call and then dial the destination number you wish to connect to.

So Easy! So Simple!

 How it works:

The most important thing is that you are not charged for the initial call as it was not connected. On your side you got only a busy tone.  Because of this innovative idea, you can use the callback service while being abroad without having to worry about large phone bills for international connections.

1) Call our callback access number

2) After hearing the busy tone hang up the phone.  The connection to the callback access number never gets connected,  you are not billed for the call regardless of the  telecom provider you are calling from.

3) Within few seconds our system will call you back.

4) Upon answering the call, our IVR system will  promp you to enter your personal account number.  Enter the NUMBER using dial the pad.  If the NUMBER is entered incorrectly, the system will ask you to re-enter it.  (3 attempts are allowed on every connection)

5) After having entered the NUMBER correctly,  the system will ask for the phone number you wish to call.  Enter the destination number, without the leading 00,  just the country code and number.  E.g.: 487744335566 where 48 is a country code.

6) During the call you can disconnect from the called party at any time without breaking connection with the system in order to enter another phone number.  To do so press, the following buttons on your phone’s keypad 1 1 #.  Also when the called party ends the call first, the system will ask you to enter another phone number without having to trigger the callback again.

7) In order to end the callback session, just hang up the phone.

Authorization by CallerID

CallerID:  With Caller ID enabled on the phone you’re calling from enables our system to recognize you when you call the access number.  If you are recognized through Caller ID, you would only be prompted for the destination number when the system calls you back.   This is very convenient if you use the same phone to trigger the callback (e.g. your home phone or mobile).  You should log into our website and register those numbers.  To do so log in on our website using your username password pair and then click on “Registered Phones #s” menu.. Click the add new number link and enter your phone numbers in the following format: 44225566888 (exemple number from the UK , 44 is the country code)


According to Ameravoice rate chart.

In callback services, a user pays for the connection from the system to his/her phone number and for the connection to the destination number.  For example calling from Guyana to United States the total cost consists of the fee for the call to Guyana and for the call to USA.

In the callback services the fees are deducted from your account for both calls which is much less than calling directly from a foreign country.